How to Get the Best MPG in Your Toyota Hybrid

May 24th, 2016 by


Your Toyota hybrid is designed to bring you the exceptional fuel economy that you expect. Getting the maximum MPG from your vehicle is tougher than it actually sounds. Driving normally, or what you consider as normal, may not yield the same results as certain EPA-estimated figures, but it is possible to improve your MPG. Learn more about Toyota’s Hybrid Driving Tips at Toyota Place in Garden Grove, CA.

There’s No Need to Hyper Mile

With Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, there’s simply no need to hyper mile. Properly maintaining your vehicle can improve your hybrid’s performance. The quickest and easiest ways to improve fuel economy cost absolutely nothing. Check your tire pressure to ensure proper inflation, clean out your trunk to remove extra weight, and remove anything from the roof rack to reduce unnecessary drag, and you’ll be on your way to getting better gas mileage. When you’re driving your vehicle, monitor your driver information display to learn more about what your Toyota hybrid vehicle is doing at each moment. Once you’re familiar with the driver information display, it’ll be easy to know when to ease on and off the gas or brake pedal. In conjunction with proper maintenance and utilizing the advanced driver information display, following the recommended maintenance schedules can also improve efficiency. Fresh fluids and proper functioning of your hybrid’s electronic systems will help extend the life of your vehicle and its batteries.

Improving Your Driving Style

When we’re on the road, we often forget that we are in control of our miles per gallon. Luckily, Toyota has given every hybrid an ECO driving mode which allows your vehicle to run more efficiently. Your driving style is also key to generating better fuel economy. Accelerating gradually and braking gently are great ways to maximize your MPG in Orange County, CA. When your vehicle is up to speed, allow the vehicle to glide. Maintaining a speed of 42 MPH or below allows your hybrid to run solely off the electric motor, reducing the amount of fuel consumed by the gasoline engine. Toyota’s hybrid vehicles are equipped with regenerative braking technology which recharges the batteries as you gently press the brakes. Make sure to avoid short trips and combine them when possible as a cold engine uses more fuel than one that’s already warmed-up and ready to go. Avoid unnecessary idling, as well, to prevent wasting gasoline.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to increasing your fuel economy without hypermiling. Don’t have a hybrid? Not a problem! Toyota Place can help you get into a new 2016 Toyota Prius in Garden Grove, CA. Visit our dealership to browse our entire new vehicle inventory, or contact us now to schedule a test drive of any of our popular hybrid Toyota models!