Learn more about the all-new Prius Prime with a few Q&A’s

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Prius Prime

Toyota’s innovation can create a world where anything is possible. Where we can charge toward the next exciting chapter for hybrids. What if you found a vehicle that had style, was fun to drive and had excellent efficiency? What if you didn’t have to choose between good for all and good for you? Prius Prime encompasses this vision, where a vehicle can be as inspiring to the human spirit as it is mindful of the world around us.

When can I buy Prius Prime?
Prius Prime will be available at participating Toyota dealers in all 50 states in late 2016.

Do I need to plug in Prius Prime to use it?
No, but it is generally advantageous to keep it charged. Depending on your electricity rate, you could save money by plugging it in. The more often you keep Prius Prime fully charged (at home, work or anywhere with a public charging station), the greater your gasoline fuel savings will be.

What is a plug-in hybrid?
A plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHV) is similar to Prius, but with a larger battery and more powerful motors that allow it to run much longer in EV Mode. 7 You are in control and able to use less gas if you choose to plug it in either at home, at work or at a public charging station. If you don’t want to plug it in, no problem, you can still drive the car in hybrid mode with great fuel economy.

What is MPGe?
This helps compare the mileage of driving in electric mode to the commonly used MPG figure for gas vehicles. So by driving Prius Prime in electric mode, we project an estimated equivalent of 120 MPG. 4 The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses the MPG equivalent (MPGe) figure to convert the measurement of power used by plug-in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and others not powered by liquid fuels into something that resembles the more familiar MPG rating.

How long is Prius Prime’s battery designed to last?
The battery in Prius Prime is designed to last for the life of the vehicle.

Do I need gas in the tank?
You should never drive Prius Prime without gasoline in the tank. While, under certain conditions, you may drive on electricity alone, the vehicle always requires gasoline to operate properly.

How does Prius Prime drive compared to a gasoline-powered vehicle?
The electric motors of Prius Prime deliver a smoother start than a gas engine. Prius Prime performance is also boosted by Toyota’s first dual motor drive system, delivering fun-to-drive acceleration that is smooth from the start, and even while driving at highway speeds.

What is the expected driving range?
Prius Prime is projected to drive over an estimated 600 miles in total range 5 and have an EV range anticipated to be up to 22 miles 6 if only recharging once. If Prius Prime is kept fully charged, it allows the driver the ability to save and potentially use less gasoline, yet still have the total driving range and efficiency expected from a Prius.

What separates Prius Prime from other Prius models?
Prius Prime works similarly to a standard Prius, but with an increased electric driving range, more powerful electric motors and enhanced fuel efficiency. It continues to set itself apart with a completely unique front and rear design. The advanced four-projector LED headlights, LED taillights and signals help light the night in a most dramatic and efficient fashion. The aerodynamically formed rear glass and hatch represents another leap forward. The carbon-fiber-reinforced construction is a Toyota first and results in a lightweight, easy-to-lift hatch.

How do I charge Prius Prime?
You can easily charge Prius Prime’s battery by plugging its included charging cord into a standard electrical outlet. No additional charging equipment is needed.

How long does it take to charge?
Prius Prime’s battery can be charged in 5.5 hours by plugging the included charge cable into a standard household outlet. When using a public charging station (240V), Prius Prime can be fully charged in just under 2.5 hours.

Do I need a special charger? Is the charging equipment included?
No special charging equipment is required for Prius Prime. Prius Prime comes with a standard-outlet charging cable. 8

What type of fuel economy can I expect to get?

EV Mode 7 helps maximize fuel efficiency with a manufacturer-estimated 120 MPGe. 4

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